"I know William Griffith to be a Patriot who loves this country, a person who supports the military personnel and veterans, and a person who has a heart of concern and love for the disadvantaged among us including the LGBT community.  He is a man of great faith and keeps his word, an unusual characteristic today.  The public would benefit greatly if William were to be elected. I'm glad he is throwing his hat in the ring.  He would be the epitome of a 'public servant'."

-Major Ben Sley, USMC (Ret.)

"Tragedy and triumph, that is what Will has learned in his over 50 years...and the value of the triumph lives within his God, family, and country."

-Det. Michael Riker (Ret.)

"At times profound, always displaying [his] love of country and fellow man, Will is erudite, passionate, and compassionate - a balance of common sense in his ardent endeavors, with enough divinity to offer hope and solutions. Not only is he artistic in his writing, he is a painter of renown, and, above all, an advocate for [those who are] suffering. A true renaissance man, he will inspire you to pay attention, to become proactive, to be responsible for making a difference one act at at time."

-Jeanette Kahl, Entrepreneur/Social Activist

"Mr. Griffith is, by far, the most compassionate American Africanist I have encountered who truly understands what religious and economic oppression does to a race. He has a heart for the people of South Sudan, in particular, and, [more so] yearns for a world of peace and order."

-Franklin Cudjoe, Founding Director of IMANI Center for Policy & Education, Ghana, Africa

"...Will Griffith, a great American patriot."

-Gary Aminoff

"My friend, William Griffith, has the wisdom, passion, insight, spirit...devotion for his country, gratitude for his beloved wife, and a father’s love for his children. He [has a] willingness to listen, to serve, and to lead...the next generation. Will embodies the American spirit that 'there is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.'"

-Dr. Raymond Jones, PhD, LMFT, CSAT

"...Will's...the Real Deal. Rarely have I met anyone who cares - and delivers – more."

-Emily Owens, USAF (Ret.)

Member, American Legion

"[Will] lives his life with a very deep concern for this country. His thoughts and prayers are [always] on his family, his faith, and his country. With love and concern, he is devoted to finding ways to serve his community, by helping those we believe [can help] our local communities find solutions to any issues. He works tirelessly to help all. I stand behind him because I know where his head and heart are, and I know we will all be enriched through his diligence.”

-Elnora Beck, Jazz Musician/Gospel Singer



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